August 14, 2022

Ce level n’avait jamais été atteint after the debut of the publication des taux in 1997.

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La flambée des prix attisée par la guerre en Ukraine continues, et elle ne touche pas seulement la France. Inflation rates rose in the euro zone to atteint 8.6% over one year in June, a record after the debut of the publication of the indicator in 1997, according to an estimate from Eurostat (PDF document) published sold on July 1st.

The 19 countries that have adopted the unique monnaie and are the touches of the same façon: the Balte countries are the most severely affected by the importance of the economy of commerce avec Russia avant la guerre, avec 22% in Estonia, 20.5% in Lithuania and 19% in Latvia. Inflation is at 8.2% in Germany, while France is relatively low above 6.5%, so it is deuxième taux le plus faible de la zona euro derrière Malte (6.1%).

In detail, they are mainly energy prices (electricity, oil, gas…) that are involved, due to the war in Ukraine and the Western sanctions against Moscow: the tariffs on bonds of 41.9% sur an an in juin. The hausse est moins violente du côté de l’alimentation (and buy alcohol et tabac), mais elle s’accélère, with 8.9%, tandis qu’elle reste stable concernant les biens industriels (+4.3%) et les services (+3.4%).

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