August 14, 2022

Free Mobile : new unused smartphones compatible with VoLTE

Free ne cesse de mettre à jour did you go out of compatible smartphones with voice over 4G or WiFi apps. De nouvelles entrées sont au program mais aussi une mauvaise nouvelle.

At the time of subscribed names attending the firm with a smartphone compatibility with Free Mobile’s VoWiFi or VoLTE, the operator will do this after the name of the models that benefit from the most recent manufacturers.

After the new VoWiFi compatibility of the Honor 50 and 50 lite, but also with the Galaxy S21 FE 5G, this is with the Samsung A12, A22 4G, A50 and A70 supporters who are the operator’s VoLTE, and after that Samsung A13 5G and several models of S21 FE 5G last week. At the same time, the Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G may not be available in the list with compatibility over 4G and WiFi.

On note also plusieurs changes. The Honor Magic 4 Pro was removed from the list after the One Plus 8T went from “available” to “non-communicated” on VoWiFi after the compatibility announcement last week. Mauvaise nouvelle pour l’iPhone 7 et 7 Plus pour qui l’arrivée VoWiFi prevu en Decembre 2022 est pour le moment mise en suspens

This table represents the functionalities activated by the builders on the Free Trade in France Métropolitaine and part of the world for VoWiFi. “Ces données sont fournies par les manufacturers de smartphone et n’ont pas pu être toutes verifiées par nos soins”, explain Free.

For the novices, the voice on 4G is a technology that allows them to receive and receive apps from smartphones via the 4G network (and not plus the 3G/2G network). alors that the sound quality is clearly improved. For ailleurs, the navigation on the internet and the downloads on 4G remain possible pending the communications voix.

Pour sa part la VoWiFi, permet d’exploiter n’importe quel réseau Wi-Fi sur lequel vous êtes connecté afin d’émettre et recevoir des appsels (et prochainement, pour envoyer et recevoir des SMS/MMS) lorsque vous captez mal le signal mobile ou que vous vous situez à l’étranger. The timing of the establishment of an app is faster, and the sound quality is also improving.

Thanks to @Tiino-X83.

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