August 14, 2022

Ducati presented the prototype of the bike that will be used for the MotoE world champion in 2023. It is the V21L, with a 110 kW (150 hp) motor, a 225 kg poids and a 275 km pointe vitesse /h. Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, I piloted it on the track: « It turned out that our avons obtained are surprising. In rentrant aux stands, j’ai ressenti un grand sentiment de fierté por ce que nous avons pu créer une fois de plus. »

At Modène, the directors of the Borgo Panigale plant have presented the technical details of the MotoE project, which has a strategic relevance, allowing the development of skills for the future to be maintained by the approach that has fed the spirit Ducati: Experimenter des technological solutions dans le world de la course pour que tout ce qui est developpé puisse ensuite atterrir sur des motos aux passionnés.

The initials V21L identify the first Ducati electric motorcycle, the prototype that will participate in the Coupe du Monde FIM MotoE from 2023: the Bologne builder will be the unique fournisseur with 18 motorcycles on track for the week-end course.

Leave maintenant, cependant, the V21L ressemble à une Ducati sportive : the MotoE à la sauce Bolognaise weighs 225 kg (soit 12 moins that the minimum requirements imposed by DORNA et la FIM), at a power of 110 kW (150 ch) et a couple of 140 Nm. Lors d’essais sur la ligne droite du circuit du Mugello, elle atteint une vitesse de 275 km/h.

The critical elements of a MotoE are batteries, which are contradictory in terms of mass and dimensions. The pack is made up of 1152 cylindrical cells of type «21,700», in a form that suits the normal parking of the central zone of the motorcycle, weighs 110 kg and has a capacity of 18 kWh. The outer shell of the battery is in carbon fiber and made of cadre, at the request of those who pass on the Panigale V4. The pivot is supported by an avant monocoque frame in aluminum that weighs 3.7 kg, with the armrest and an oscillating bra in aluminum that weighs 4.8 kg and a three-dimensional geometry similar to that of the MotoGP prototype. The boucle arrière, which integrates the seal of the pilote and the fairing, along with the charging prize is inserted, is also made of carbon fiber.

The undulator, of a reliable 5 kg poids, is a unit derived from a high performance model used in competition automobiles for electric vehicles, as long as the motor (poids of 21 kg and a maximal rotation vitesse of 18,000 trs/min) developed by a partner suite to the technical specifications fournies by Ducati. The ensemble of the system is based on a voltage of 800V with a fully charged battery.

One of the most interesting points concerning refrigeration, obtain with a particularly sophisticated liquid system: it has a double circuit to respond to the different thermal kisses of the battery pack and the motor/onduleur group, and the great advantage of persistence une recharge immédiate, c’est-à-dire sans attendre que la batterie refroidisse: il faut environ 45 minutes pour atteindre 80% d’autonomie.

Coté suspensions, on retrouve une fourche Öhlins NPX 25/30 pressurized with the 43 mm diameter inverted tiges derivées de la Superleggera V4 à l’avant, tandis qu’à l’arrière found a fully adjustable Öhlins TTX36 amortisseur. The Brembo braking system is sized according to the specifications of the Ducati MotoE. It is composed of a 338.5 mm steel double dial with a major country: it has the internal diameter to improve the cooling and is coupled to other GP4RR M4 pumps. A l’arrière, l’étrier P34 shook on a seul bloc disk of 220 mm of diamètre. Une commande sur le guidon gauche permet également d’actionner le frein arrière.

The Ducati Corse test teams, led by Marco Palmerini, also involved in development, who applied the same methodologies used in MotoGP and worked on the pilots Michele Pirro, Alex De Angelis and Chaz Davies. The objective is to obtain a response from the similar accélérateur to cell des moteurs à essence, et a behavior des commandes électroniques égal à celui des motos de course classiques.

« Je me souviens bien de la naissance du projet MotoE et de chaque phase de la composition de l’équipe de travail », declared Roberto Canè, director of Ducati eMobility, « With the involvement of Ducati Corse’s colleagues and the search for contacts with the Volkswagen group who pourraient our donations on the project developer’s façon. Pour fabriquer cette moto, nous avons suivi la même procédure que nous suivons habitually sur une moto de serie. Nous avons began to define the design and in parallel the bureau technique to begin to conceive the different components of the vehicle. The initial brief was to create a course motorcycle that respects the minimal performances required by Dorna. In reality, the project was made and the aim was to take care of the team involved and we were able to create a machine with the best features that were initially demanded by the organizer.

Les contacts au sein du Groupe VW ont permis d’exploiter de nombreuses compétences et Ducati est en contact notamment avec le Center d’Excellence (COE) de Salzgitter en Allemagne, mais aussi avec d’autres marques du Groupe telles Porsche et Lamborghini.

Briefly, they chose to advance three good and the Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali confirmed: « For a few weeks now, I have the extraordinary opportunity to ride the Ducati MotoE on the track and I immediately realized that you will experience a historic moment. The world going through a complex period and environmental durability is an element that all individuals and all businesses doivent consider as a priority if we do not preserve the fragile balance of the planet. As Ducati, we have come to know the kiss and we are all there in search of a deficit that we are allowed to contribute to the common goal of reducing CO2 emissions and in the same time to restore fidèle to our DNA linked to the course . We have decided to accept the development of the most performing electric course motorcycle that current technology allows and uses as a project as a laboratory to build our future. The result is that nous sommes parvenus is surprising. Since I was assisted by the machine, I realized the quality of the work carried out by the team and the children who returned to my box, I felt a great sentiment of love for what our avons can believe in a fois of plus ».

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