August 8, 2022

2035 is the date chosen by the European Union for the exclusion of thermal motors. Toutefois, a hope is pending because the ministers of the environment decided to review it in 2026 to reconsider the question of motors, hybrids, rechargeables and cells of synthetic fuels. Tout n’est donc pas perdu.

Synthesis fuels are not an illusion because this is the solution that is privileged for air transport. They are adaptation for the automobile n’est pas impossible, mais il already encore travail sur la planche. Aujourd’hui, le constructor le plus avancé dans la question est Porsche. The firm based on Stuttgart developed, with Siemens, a project in the province of Magallanes, in Chile. L’électricité des éoliennes produit, par électrolyse, de l’hydrogène. Recombined with the carbon monoxide released in the atmosphere, the hydrogen is transformed into “e-methanol”, a liquid fuel that is easily stockable and transportable – and whose exploitation is economically viable. If you trust aux objectifs des deux marques, the production will serve 130,000 liters of essential synthèse d’ici by the end of 2022, 55 million liters in 2024 and 550 million liters in 2026. De quoi alimenter en part of the existing park porschethere is an important proportion of the vehicles sold after 1948 roule encore.

Toutefois, for the environmental associations, these fuels are also certain that they want to eliminate the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and reduce carbon monoxyde and ammonia emissions. There is already another important obstacle: the tariff. At the moment, celluli-ci est d’environ 10 dollars le litre.

Well evidently, the State of Germany is three implications and it does force it in the European instances. The butoir date is set for 2026. The rest of the time we have four years to advance on the subject and end of the last forms of reluctance. Les industriels les plus investis regroupés sous la bannière «eFuel Alliance» (MazdaBosch, BMWExxon…) ont intérêt à mettre les bouchées doubles s’ils veulent sauver le moteur thermique.

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