August 14, 2022



Medical Devices Venture, a subsidiary of Archos in the investment and acceleration of MedTech, announces the entry of a new investor into the capital of Poladerme. The entry into the capital of Poladerme (a high environment 9%) of the Wongs group, through its subsidiary Top Plenty Ltd, is registered in the Poladerme activity development strategy along with the preparation of a distribution scheme pour the products of Poladerme.


On the occasion of the publication of the six-monthly results in nette hausse, Catana seems to have favorable prospects. Outre la croissance historique que s’annonce pour l’exercice en cours, que devrait permettre d’atteindre 160 million euros de chiffre d’affaires, le carnet de commandes confirme d’excellentes prospects por les deux années à coming. Le spécialiste des navires de plaisance indicates that 210 million euros of billings are d’ores et déjà insured for the year 2022-2023, even if 160 million euros for 2023-2024 are an objective superior to 250 million d’ euros.


Intrasense, specialist in medical imaging software solutions, and Nurea, editor of software for aid in decision-making and diagnosis of vascular maladies, announce the signature of a partner who provides practitioners with the artificial intelligence solution of Nurea au sein de la plateau Myrian, via the AI ​​Hub d’Intrasense. The algorithm developed by the Nurea company is a useful tool in imaging scanners and MRI, allowing the detection, in addition, of abnormalities as well as the characterization, evaluation and quantification of vascular problems.

Remy Cointreau

Le groupe de vins et spiritueux published its annual results.


Renault Group et Managem Group ont annoncé the signing of a “memorandum of understanding” to ensure the appropriation of cobalt sulfate based on carbon and responsible for the electric batteries. The agreement provides for the fourniture for the Management of 5,000 tonnes of cobalt sulfate for a period of 7 years, starting in 2025. After an engineering study, Management prior to investing in the construction of a future plant Located in the industrial complex of Guemassa in Maroc in order to transform the cobalt minerals into cobalt sulfate.

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