August 8, 2022

Cette analyzed as elaborated by Reuters and diffused by BOURSORAMA on 06/09/2022 at 08:31:00.

Agissant exclusively as a channel of diffusion, BOURSORAMA did not participate in any manière à son elaboration nor exercised any pouvoir discretion quant à sa sélection. Les informations contenues dans cette analyse ont été retranscribed «en l’état», without declaration or guarantee of any sort. The opinions or estimations that are expressed are the cells of their auteurs and are sauraient to reflect the point of view of BOURSORAMA. Subject to the applicable rights, neither the information contained nor the analyzes that are expressed and do not specifically engage the responsibility of BOURSORAMA. The content of the analysis available to BOURSORAMA is four uniquely under the heading of information and without contractual value. It is also a simple aid to the decision where the utility retains the absolute mastery.

BOURSORAMA is a French credit establishment established by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (“ACPR”) and the Financial Markets Authority (“AMF”) as a Provider of Investment Services and its prudential surveillance of the Banque Centrale Européenne (“ECB”).

In accordance with the regulations in force, BOURSORAMA established and maintient operation of a policy of management of conflicts of interest and met in place of administrative measures and organization in order to prevent, identify and manage the situations of conflicts of interest and guard against recommendations for investissement diffusées. Ces règles contiennent notamment des dispositions relatives aux financial operations personnelles in order to s’assurer que les collaborateurs de BOURSORAMA ne sont pas dans une situation de conflits d’intérêts lorsque Boursorama diffuse des recommendations d’investissement.

The reader is informed that BOURSORAMA has no conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of diffused analyses. To this title, the reader is informed that there is no direct link between the diffuse analyzes and the variable remuneration of the BOURSORAMA collaborators. Of the same, there are no financial or capitalist liens between BOURSORAMA and the émetteurs concerned, in dehors des engagements contractuels pouvant régir la fourniture du service de diffusion.

Il es rappelé que les entités du groupe Société Générale, auquel appartient BOURSORAMA, peuvent procéder à des transactions sur les instruments financiers dans cette analyse, détenir des participations dans les sociétés émettrices de ces instruments financiers, agir en tant que teneur de marché, conseiller , courtier, or banker of ces instruments, or être représentées au conseil d’administration de ces sociétés. Ces circonstances ne peuvent en aucune manière affecter l’objectivité des analyzes diffusées par BOURSORAMA.

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