August 14, 2022

Let go of pessimism before the Covid crisis, in february 2020 , le plus grand hedge fund au monde persiste et signe. Bridgewater voit l’économie mondiale sombrer lastingly dans la stagflation (inflation elevée et croissance faible). A noir scene that led to great prudence on the plupart of the grands marchés. When it is investing in American actions (25 million dollars), Bridgewater privileges the great defensive values, offrant des dividendes réguliers, like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson (pharmacie), McDonald’s, Walmart, Costco (commerce retail) and Starbucks. Il a vendu en debut d’année are modest investment, autour de 30 million dollars, Danish Tesla . Le groupe d’Elon Musk will lose 38% in 2022.

Cette année, Bridgewater qui gère autour de 230 milliards de dollars, parie sur la chute des obligations d’Etat et d’entreprises des grands pays développés. In April, the hedge fund reported its returns on products derived from credit for parier on the rise of the obligations of European and American companies (this is the return of leurs returns) according to the “Financial Times”. A paying strategy. One of her fonds vedette, the “Pure Alpha”, earned 26% more than 5 mois.

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