August 14, 2022

Vincent Bolloré and his family control the Bolloré group.  (© Bolloré)

Vincent Bolloré and his family control the Bolloré group. (© Bollore)

The holding company Compagnie de l’Odet was controlled by Vincent Bolloré and his children to acquire over 32 million shares between the 9th and 19th May.

The Bolloré family received 3.89 million Bolloré shares on May 6 via the holding company Compagnie de l’Odet, at a unitary price of €4.42 and 4.4 million titles on May 9 at €4.51 . There are 4.14 million on 10 May at 4.59 euros, 1.25 million on 11 May at 4.68 euros, 8.28 million on 13 May at 4.74 euros.

Les achats se sont poursuivis, of 9 million titles on May 16 at 4.75 euros, 123,291 on May 18 at 4.75 euros and 1.54 million on May 19 at 4.75 euros, according to the declarations made by them Autorité des marchés financiers. There is an overall amount of 157 million euros.

On December 31, 2021, Sofibol and the different holdings of the Bolloré galaxie held 92.6% of the capital of the Compagnie de l’Odet, which also owned 64.3% of the capital of the Bolloré group.

The family group is present in the communication (29.5% of Vivendi, 28% of Universal Music Group), the transport and logistics (dont the African part is in the course of cession), the batteries and the electric buses.

Des positive analysts

The firm advertised a capitalization of boursière of 14.5 million euros for a business case of 20.4 million and an EBITDA of 2.5 million attended in 2023.

The objective moyen du consensus calculated by Factset is 6.55 euros. Les deux analystes que suivent la valeur sont positifs sur l’action: Eric Ravary de CIC Market Solutions vise un cours de 6.20

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