August 8, 2022

Le sous-traitant de la plupart des constructeurs tech mondiaux devrait toutefois faire face à une opposition locale. Certains se plaignent déjà des remises accordées à TSMC pour acquérir et s’installer sur des terrains autrefois publics. Les taxi chauffeurs sont également vent debout contre un possible installation. In effect, the society is implanted in the golf course, which constitutes a sensitive part of affairs.

Currently, the group has finalized the production process of gravel sockets in 3nm, but TSMC does it for autant quickly envisage the mise en place d’une ligne de production consacrée aux gravel sockets in 2nm and anticipate the demands of its clients, such as Apple , Qualcomm, NVIDIA and AMD, with the volumes of thousands of dizaines of millions of puces commandées para an.

TSMC is also over the bridge with the creation of another production site, which is estimated at 12 million dollars, and is located in States-Unis, in Arizona. The factory will open in 2024, but the company meets the difficulties of recruiting alors that are rivals Intel has built at the same time an extension of its campus located at the same time. Les deux entreprises are battent pour recruter des profiles alors that l’Arizona affiche a taux de chômage sous la sweepes de 4%. Intel benefit from an advancement in old age and better salary conditions that undermine the objectives of the Taiwanese society.

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