August 14, 2022

The Prefecture of Martinique has communicated, on Thursday June 20, 2022, about the prices of fuels applicable from July 1, 2022.

With the application of the exceptionnelle aid of 15 centimes d’euros per liter, the maximum price fixed to compter du 1er July 2022 at zero heure sont les suivants:

Supercarburant without lead: €2.01/Lsoit +0.05 €/L for rapport to June 2022 (1.96 €/L)

Gazole router: €1.96/Lsoit +0.16 €/L for report to June 2022 (1.80 €/L)

gas bottle

Concerning the 12.5 kg bottle of gaz, sont prix est revu à baisse à €27.48, against €29.41 in June 2022 (soit -€1.93).

As a comparison, dans l’hexagone, the prix moyen was found in June 2022 to be €2.11/L for supercarburant without lead and €2.07/L for gasoline router. L
The moyen price of the 13 kg butane bouteille dans l’hexagone is €37.43 in April 2022, soit €35.99 for a 12.5 kg bouteille.

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