August 14, 2022

Essayer Fisker Ocean: an incredible rotating central screen for the electric SUV?

Configure your Fisker Ocean vehicle: an incredible rotating central screen for the electric SUV or demand one for free.

Le Fisker Ocean is developed peu à peu, et l’on découvre diverses fonctionnalités. The central location of the electric SUV is the first impression.

The course à l’affichage central dans les voitures modernes oppose deux philosophies distinctes. Sur les Tesla of recent conception, like the Model 3 et le Model Y, l’écran est en mode paysage.

Other models like the Ford Mustang Mach-E propose to inverse a vertical poster, in mode portrait. Fisker devoile l’intérieur de son SUV electrique Oceanet révèle ne pas avoir fait ce choix.

In fact, it is a rotating screen of the name of Revolve which is integrated in the central console of the Fisker Ocean. Les deux modes correspond to different uses of pavé tactile.

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Also, because of the rolling SUV, the 17.1-pouces cran is positioned vertically to offer various controls and information on the vehicle. At home, on the other hand, he is happy to be horizontal for access to Hollywood Mode.

Il faudra evidemment aquérir un Fisker Ocean haut de gamme pour bénéficier de cette fonctionnalité. Les deux finitions d’entree de gamme, Sport et Ultra, ne proposedront pas. In return, the Revolve screen will be presented in the One and Extreme versions.

These are the exemplary versions of the versions that should be presented at the premiere of the Fisker usines, at the end of the year 2022. The ensemble of the production devrait demarrer l’année prochaine.

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